Full Version: OSL Pub Server Settings
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Gameplay Settings

Time Settings:
----Warmup Time - 45 sec
----Gametime Limit - 25 min
----Overtime Limit - 5 min
----Respawn Time - 5 sec

Score Settings: 7 caps to win

Player Settings:
----Classes Allowed - Sentinnels and Infiltrators are banned.
----Spawn Types - Normal (spawn as selected class)
----Minimum Level - None
----Maximum level - None
----Maximum speed with the flag:
Light with the flag..........300 KM/H
Medium with the flag...... 300 KM/H
Heavy with the flag.........300 KM/H
Flag Deceleration Rate.......50 KM/H

Team Settings:
----Max Players - 32
----Team Join Type - Unbalanced
----Autobalance - Disabled
----Base Destruction - Enabled
----Pool Team Credits - Enabled

Base Settings:
----Base Objectives - Enabled
----Base upgrades - Disabled
----Generator Regen - Disabled
----Generator Destroyable - Enabled
----Powered Deployables - Enabled

Vehicle Settings:
----Health Multiplier - X 1.0
----Gravcycle Limit - 2
----Gravcycle Price - 5000
----Beowulf Limit - 2
----Beowulf Price - 10000
----Shrike Limit - 2
----Shrike Price - 20000

Call-in Settings:
----Powered Call-ins - Disabled
----Tactical Strike - Disabled
----Supply Drop
---- Call-in Active - Enabled
---- Price - Free
---- Cooldown time - 30 sec
---- Warmup time - 2 sec
---- Ammo Only - Disabled
----Orbital Strike - Disabled

Friendly Fire Settings:
----Friendly Fire (FF) - Enabled
----FF Damage Multiplier - X 1.0
----FF on Deployables - Enabled
----FF on Base Assets - Enabled
----Kill Limit (AutoKick) - Off
----Damage Limit (Autokick) - Off

Banned Equipment:
----Fractal (Brute)
----Extended Fractal (Brute)

Map Rotation:
----Bella Omega
----Canyon Crusade Revival
----Arx Novena
----Sunstar is also occasionally played but we can only have 8 maps in rotation. This is normally the odd map out.

These settings may change from time to time from settings discussions which are discussed here.
Updated post with current weapon and class restrictions we are trying.
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