Full Version: CYGNUS Teamspeak3 Problem
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If you were attending last weeks pug on Sat. night you will recall we had a problem with the Ts3 server, dropping people, sounding static, etc. I contacted Branzone about it and this was their reply:
Quote:There is a Teamspeak vulnerability out right now that causes TS3 server instances to become overloaded when attacked. We have been blocking them when they happen but it depends on the time of day and the size of the attack before we see it happening. Your server should have no problem with 40 connected users unless an attack is happening.

Brandon M.

Ticket ID: #952791
Subject: Problem w/Ts3 Server
So...I must conclude that once again the Branzone provided Ts3 servers were under attack. It has happened from time to time heretofore, and have been assured that Branzone has undertaken measures to deal with it.

Incidentally, I suggest that everyone install Dolby Axon and let's give it a test run some evening. It's the VOIP that [CAS] uses, and it's free.
I know Tiki said that he changed the codec for the channels and it seemed to fix it. What codec should it be set to? I guess i never really knew what codecs were what and just picked whatever worked.
Good question Spine, and I'd forgotten that Tiki had said that. I'll ask Brandon if there is a codec that would be best to use in anticipation of situations like that.
I asked Brandon if there was a codec that might help stabilize the teamspeak server when it is under a DDoS attack and here is the reply:

Unfortunately no there really isn't a codec that you can use to prevent or help with the attacks as they are being overloaded with such a high volume.

Mike H.
DDoS stands for Direct Denial of Service. The bad guys use computers (usually pre-hacked ones from around the world) to flood the server with requests. There is no good defense against this, because at first the server probably thinks it's just a high volume of users (say, if a tournament was going on, they would experience a flood of requests as well) so you cannot tell it to just "deny high-volume of requests". But as the requests escalate the server cannot keep up and, in an attempt to process the thousands (millions?) of simultaneous requests launched against it, it slows everything down to chew through it.

Hence, there is absolutely nothing on the client end that can be changed to stop this. And until we can appeal to the better nature of the assholes who do this kind of thing in their spare time, the internet will always be prey to this kind of bullshit. Yes, as you can tell, I find it distasteful Smile
Ts3 server was down again last night (somewhere aroung 10:00ish) so I submitted a ticket to Branzone. Just so everyone knows what is going on, here is the reply:
Quote:There was a ddos attack that targeted this voice server hostname. The datacenter null-routed our IP so we have had to change the IP to restore service. If you are using the hostname to connect then you just need to restart your voice program to connect to the server again, otherwise you can try using the new IP However it is highly encouraged that you use the hostname in the event we need to change the IP in the future.

If you are still unable to connect please let us know.

Brandon M.
I can't log in to teamspeak right now!! Failed to connect to server.
Oh weird, I did a search on the teamspeak servers for cygnus and found the server and was able to join. Oops?
Having another problem with the CYGNUS Ts3 today...cannot connect. I've turned in ticket to Branzone, so hopefully it will be back online by tonight.
Yeah )= still down
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