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Mentioned this to a few and would like to try and set it up. Only the "original" mixer players invited to our own event. Since something like this needs some lead time, I propose March 1st.

Taka, OldeWolfe, Spinebuster, Tasadar, Erf, Check, Donk, Gorthaur, MuMu, Clide, Tiki, Jagged, Woozl, Iceman, Planeswalker, Duster, KooKoo, Mongoose, FlyingShazbot, Patience.

Thoughts? Have I forgotten anyone?
I'm down.
Great Idea! I'm in! I hope everyone can make it...
So far we're at a 2 on 1. I pick OldWolfe Smile
I will be there
I hope i can make it.

How are you going to hold this at the same day and time without insulting and turning all of the newer people away? Possible to do it another day or time? Like earlier on Saturday or on a weekday night like Wednesday or something?
We have 2 servers available or an earlier time would be good, I am up for either choice, with enough advance notice.

If we had it earlier, we could have the old gang join up with the regular mixer when we finish.

Just a thought.
As a somewhat new person to joining your mixers I feel like y'all shouldn't sweat about people's feelings. Y'all are nice enough to let everyone join so every once and awhile y'all deserve to have a "reunion". But on that note I would like to observe and record some of y'all playing. I want to make a video of mixers from ovserver point of view
Firebird I recorded a match 1-2 weeks ago at 1080p, I could ship you the random footage if you wanted it Wink I ain't gonna do anything with it lol
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