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A reflection of mixers past has me thinking about rule changes and the reasons for such.

First it was snipers - one class, one player that could overtake the match. An overpowered class in the hands of very skillful players would make the game less fun. A ban was issued.

Next were cappers - with normal grabs exceeding 300 and no snipers to respond, stand-to-stand caps with no chance to respond was happenning more and more. A flag drag was implemented and our chasers became really good.

Now we're here - the term "excessive chain" is used more and more, resulting in less and less participation, and less fun. A skilled player with chain-type or hitscan weapon is akin to a sniper with limited range. The difference is having more of them (instead of just one) and when you overlap their circles of range, you get damage concentration that will take out a heavy in seconds.

It seems logical to me to test out a chain/hitscan ban. Everyone will need to use fusors, bolts, thumpers, mortars, knives, and grens when taking on someone. I am open to adjustments to flag drag as needed to compensate.

It seems to me that we may possibly want to designate a single class as chaser and capper and limit the autos or chain just to that class. There are way too many times the chain or auto is all that decides a cap after a good chase and battle between capper and chaser. I would really hate to lose that aspect of the game, even though more often than not I am on the losing side of that equation, lol. We could manage the over concentration of autos with limits on how many of that class is allowed. Just my thought.
I'm glad NetRat brought the subject up.

When I first learned of the .ini accompanied effectiveness of the hitscan weapons my first thought was to ban them from the CYGNUS server but decided that was a very selfish thought and decided instead that I wouldn't play as much with those who use it. Then Zyphon made an effort to control/limit that style of play but as NetRat suggested it has once again become near intolerable, at least from my point of view...when two players using hitscan's can take a heavy down in a few seconds. I am not sure what the answer is...we do not have enough options as server owners or admins, but I will do whatever the group decides to do.

Unfortunately, I think those who use those weapons as primaries do not visit this board, and will not be participating in the discussion. Please pass the word if/when you have the oppotunity that they should if they are interested in having a part in the final say.
Haha April Fool's
Yar...guess I are one. Tongue Point still stands however about the use of hitscan weapons...I candidly do not think there is an iron clad solution, but my hope is that discussing it will influence some motion toward a "more fun" Mixer.
The game is great. even snipers. problem is that you don't have enough people at the mixer like us. non-abusers, a bunch of people who have nothing to prove. We literally have a community of people that come to the mixers that have "something" to prove. So yeah. Sorry I missed last mixer was out of town, looking forward to this week.
I think our 6v6 team had two lights using LAR heavily (myself included) and a hof using LMG. No raiders, soldiers, doombringers, techs as far as I know. Is this abuse? It was still excessive enough to annoy a lot of people even though we were playing the flag game foremost and no one was going deathmatching for kills.

I guess if you banned all autos and pistols the heavy on flag could be Jug with spin and mortar. Chasers would have to use shotguns unless you allowed LAR. Sounds like you want to ban shotguns as well though? Would have to use shocklance?

There has been interest from various people to do an explosives only night so you could make a list of everything to ban and then set it up and see how it goes one week.
I'd give that a try
I'm up for anything at this point.
So, shall we have a "gentleman's understanding" explosives night this week? Shouldn't be necessary to ban anything for such a night do you think?
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