Full Version: T:A Server Region
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For everyone's information...I will be alternating the CYGNUS Servers (Blitz and CTF) through the Region options (East, West, Central) on a weekly basis starting this week. Someone is always complaining about the server region location and since it is impossible to satisfy everyone all the time I will do my best to satisfy someone all the time. They were East last week, will be West this coming week, Central the week following.

Also, I have disabled the Base upgrades as per suggestions at last week's Mixer; if anyone other than me disagrees with this decision please post here to let me know.

Also, the Raider does have weapon choices other than shock lance (including an automatic weapon) contrary to what we were thinking last week.
Sounds good OldeWolfe. It seems impossible to please everyone with the ping issue. Probably the best we can do is help the majority. From what I gather talking to people on teamspeak it seems like west is the least liked of the region by the majority so maybe alternating between east and central might be an option. I have the test server going now too if you find a time we can mess around with that a bit. peace -g-
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