Full Version: TA mixer weapon and vehicle changes (Proposed)
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Weapons to be banned

Vehicle settings (per team)
2 Shrike
1 Beowulf
4 Gravcycle

Armor Class limits (per team)
4 Heavy
14 Light
14 Medium
Heavies are a bit better balanced after the latest patch. You still need tools to kill them so they don't get out of hand so that means not banning one of the pistols or autos on light and medium.
Do you think 4 heavies would be too restrictive for the mixer? That is still quite a few if they all go on offense at the same time, or if they D stack at the same time.
Hi Tasadar. I think 4 heavies per team is plenty for the number of tribals we've had on lately. I know a lot of the RD people like to go as heavy so we want to keep them happy. The mixers lately have been pretty good battles! ttys
After last discussion at the Mixer I thought the decision was to remove all class restrictions other than weapons bans...that way everyone can play the class they prefer.
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