Full Version: Mixer Experiment of Jan. 28, 2017
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The Mixer "Experiment" of Saturday, January 28, 2017 left some mixed feelings among the players, and human nature as always, is essentially predictable. Tongue It is always interesting and informative when when we try something new, but I think the limitation of one auto-weapon per team didn't work well nor did the indestructible generator.

Last night motivated me to wonder if there are some modifications that we can make to the servers to make the game more fun or at least better somehow to play for our Mixer's.

Ideas please. Cool

Edit: To be more specific, I heard statements to this effect...
"If autos are going to be allowed I won't play anymore", "Why in the world are the gen's indestructable?", "Most PUG's limit the number of heavies", and there were statements re: Friendly Fire, Server region locations, and competition among others.

I seem to recall when we first started the Mixer/PUG the main objective was to try and make T:A more fun among friends i.e. when Captains picked teams an effort was made to balance the players as much as possible. I know as new players begin to participate with us in the Mixer that questions will be raised and must be answered and I am sure that my frustrations result from trying to please everyone...which is am impossibility. It is a mistake IMO however, to proceed with any project with a closed mind, and we should be sensitive to any means of modification and improvement. Please consider and submit ideas please.
I know I am no longer available for the "mixer" on Saturday nights much anymore. So my opinion is not very relevant. Never the less, I think some of the frustrations come from the fact that the Saturday night game started as a true mixer, for players or clans who were invited to participate. Part of the invitation process was for one of us to educate the invitees on the etiquette and game play that was expected. The players who joined under this system were the "old" players. It seems that the Saturday game has been watered down to pretty much a free for all to anyone who shows up. The players who joined under this system are the "young" players. The fact that people are interested and want to play is great and should be encouraged. But without the process of some type of pre orientation or education for the "young players" of what our community expects, there is more friction between game play preferences of the players. I have no answer for resolving the conflict between each players personal preferences, but a free for all is something that might not work. This was not a PUG, and unless that is what our community has decided for it to become, we need to find a way to resolve the pre joining communication of the expectations for the type game play and manners we are looking for. Perhaps rethinking posting the password for the game server on TeamSpeak might be a first step. That would present the opportunity to explain what we expect before the player joins. They could choose to join the mixer or not based on that information. It would also be an opportunity to point them to this forum for input of their suggestions. Complaints might stilil arise, but no one could say they did not know what to expect before they chose to participate, or that they had no chance to have their input heard.
Hi gardok here, I must've missed that mixer as I don't remember an indestructible generator or the people complaining. I have had several ideas regarding the mixer though. It is strange but I have a strange obsession with tribes, a sort of love/hate relationship that trancends anything else I've ever done in life with the possible exception of chess. I probably spend more time thinking about the mixer during a week than I spend playing in them :> I think Tassadar summed up a few of the main problems with the mixer:

(a) Friction between old and new players, mostly arising from expections
not being met, either in the way of gameplay etiquette or teamspeak etiquette.

(b) Game becomes too much like a PUG when teams have been chosen but more people
keep joining the game as the game progresses.

So as for possible solution here are a few things we could try.

(a) Start the first round at a set time so people will have a number to work with. The round
might start a little later but not before say 8:30 PM CST or whatever.

(b) Tick-tock the first round so no one else can play after the round start. They knew when
it started, they didn't get there in time, they wait for next round.

© At first might be useful to post a watcher in the lobby to let people entering know what
is going on.

(d) Not sure what to do about the password.

Anyway these are a couple things we could try. Another possibility might be to do a warmup
first round where neither side caps but meet in the center to battle royale while more people trickle in. I've had a few other ideas about possible ways of balancing the teams but in the end I think OldeWolfe is right in that you can't please everyone ... ever so the best we can hope for is
to strike a balance. peace -g-
Sounds like sound ideas for a start. It would be great if there are alternate ideas to see some input from other players.
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