Full Version: Server Notes on Teamspeak
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I noticed someone had modified the notes on the Ts3 Lobby heading to reflect what we discussed last Mixer about waiting to join the game map until invited. I followed up with a complete "redo" of the Lobby, DS, BE headings, plus I added a note in Server Rules and Competition Guide concerning same.

It was a study to choose the right words in order to get them all to show when one loads Ts3 but I think overall the message is clear. If any of you Ts3 or CYGNUS server Admins have a better idea of what to say in order to communicate our wishes in the small space provided by the Ts3 program, please feel free to edit, and if you don't have Admin but think you know the right words please feel free to post them here and one of the Admins will address them.
I'd just like to see the list of banned weapons updated and the list of players who do what in the Captains channel updated.
(I can be added to the Offense and Technicians lists.)
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