Full Version: Our sister tribe?
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Hello there Cygnusians! I have been wanting to acknowledge the commitment and support that the RD clan has given us over the last few years and honor them somehow. I refer to the original RD tribe and Cyrus
whom they recently added. Others, like flopsy, who might wear the tag, I do not consider as true dawgs. Anyhoo, if it would be all right with the OldeWolfe, I would like to recognize them as our sister tribe and possibly confer upon them honorable dual-membership in tribe Cygnus as well. In case they feel the need to be a tag hag ;> they could wear ours too at times. Let me know what you guys think of this. peace -g-
No worries by me...actually have spent years trying to create what I thought would be an appropriate CYGNUS tag subject to the approval of Green Eagle, but without success, nothing seemed to fit just right. I've seen the tag some of you have used and I have no problems with that either, I'm pretty laid back as any of you who have known me for any length of time are aware.

I've considered the Dawgs friends for a long, long time...sister tribe? Not sure how that would work, but okay by me, go with it. Y'all don't need my approval for much of anything, you admins have as much authority as I do. Cool
Cool right on OW. I will hopefully give them a shout out at the mixer tonight or pop in on them in teamspeak. I should be on this morning for a while too so be there or be four sided regular polygon Rolleyes peace -g-
If you need anything special from me, let me know Grin happy to help in anyway.
I personally would be honored to considered a sister,,wait brother.. Smile
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