Full Version: Newbie Night in Midair
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Wednesday is usually my only weeknight available these days. I'm gonna go to this tomorrow:

If you don't have alpha access, beta/early access should be very soon.
Good luck to you bud, I must say I am very disappointed in the "delay" of access to the beta accounts, was hoping I'd be playing M.A. by now but *sigh*...
Hi guys, I started playing the game PUBG a bit lately Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and it has been a lot of fun but it uses modern day weapons which I've never been too skilled at, sniping and rifles are not my style ya know. I hope to check out midair at some point. Maybe by Halloween I will have time to delve into it. Sorry that you didn't have access sooner OW. If anything they should be rewarding the early supporters more I would think.
Well let's keep each other posted on if and when you shall be playing. peace
If you've paid for beta you should have access by now. It started last Friday.
Thanks for the update Gorthaur, still cannot figure out how to access the game. Must I have steam installed?
I believe you need Steam to play it. There is an info@archetypestudios email if you need to ask something.
Thanks, I'll look into it. Surely would like to join the ol' gang in a new game.

I tried to access the info. addy but rec'd a notice not available. I'll try MidAir and see if they have some info.
Hello Cygnus Friends!! I have a Midair key to give away. If you know of someone who would like it just let me know! reply here or catch me on TS or in the RD forums!
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