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Hey guys,
So, some of you may remember, but Cygnus is actually 11 years old now. My Hosting with Godaddy account is 14 years old. So the short story is, I have been renewing the hosting yearly without thought and I have always had the 'Classic - Linux' package. Anyway, everything I have been hosting has been on legacy servers as they described it to me and just recently migrated a lot of hosting to newer versions and better servers.
Basically, the 404 problem was that our DNS IP changed and none of the sites I have hosted at the moment had the updated pointers. Had to go and manually update them.
Anyway, back online now. All is good for the moment.

Hope you all are having a grandtastic New Year.


PS. They said I would need to change some Database connection strings in order for the site to reconnect to the SQL, however, it seems that we are connected, so not worrying about it, but let me know if there are issues.
YAYYYYY! We're online again! I was lonely, but feel in touch once again. Smile

Thanks for all you do GE to make this possible.
It was about a 1 hour phone call with them, but the guy I had has a lot experience it seemed. I had uploaded a file before I called, thinking it was 'pointers' and still couldn't access them. He discovered the migration process and let me know it was a DNS problem.

Anyway, I had uploaded and since it was fixed for him on the west coast and not for us yet, he had a good chuckle when I asked him to check the link out, since I still couldn't see it. Smile and let me know that when it comes time for renewal, I need to look at my hosting, ftp and other.

Still have about 7 months until then, but I may need to, by suggestion, update everything I own with Godaddy, not sure what that means for me or site, but will look into it.

Good news, if it ain't broke, don't fix it Smile
Green Eagle, I know how much I appreciate all of your effort in keeping the forum up. I am sort of a lurker now, not posting a lot, but I still keep an eye on what our folks are saying.
Thanks again
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