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Its been awhile, what is everyone up to these days?
WHOOoooOOOLY KOW! I thought you had fallen off the end of the earth! Good to see you online again. I tried to contact you several times over the last couple of years, through the website you had set up and also sending you an email from time to time but couldn't find your website and got no response in email. A few of the guys still play Tribes and participate in a friendly pickup/mixer on Friday and Saturday evenings, lots of new faces and they have perfected their shooting skills. I continue to maintain a Teamspeak3 server link is here for everyone to use, but don't play Tribes much myself anymore, although I do play some Star Wars the Old Republic. Didn't you and your wife have a baby?
I cant believe how long its been, the baby in now 5! I know i quit playing but i tried to leave a way to get ahold of me still. My email on this site is still my primary email for 10+ years. Big Grin
I havent played any other games, I have just been too busy with work and keeping the little one entertained.
I recently reinstalled the game and it reminded me of all the issues we used to have with installing T2. The standalone game wouldnt start up correctly and eventually had to install it through steam.
I will try to hop on one night see if i remember anyone.
Hey Spine - Super Glad you came and posted. Just a reminder that T2 days are still in our hearts. Olde has kept this end of the T2 to T3 alive for a long time with Teamspeak. I haven't played in years+ but super glad we made this a legacy site for those that want to remember and stop by. Really sucks we can't relive those days forever, it was fun.
I tried the new version for a while, but wasn't same. Now I am a single player PS4 guy started with 'The Last of Us' <- only reason I bought a PS4 because it wasn't coming to steam. After that, I really enjoy Far Cry, Metal Gear Solid and (of course) Spiderman.

Ever hear from Override?

Glad things are good and you could check in. Grin
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