Full Version: 3d Printing and Computer Build
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I know what you mean, still a young-en (43) - I remember playing Pitfall at my Aunts house on visits for hours on the Atari and thought it was the greatest thing ever. I talked to my mom this evening and tried to explain what a 3d printer was, that did not go over well Smile . Her final remarks - "if it makes you happy" Smile.

Starting to figure this FreeCad program out, where you can make your own stuff. I didn't make the Raspberry Pi wall mount on the up and up, I found a tutorial on how to cheat a little on making simple things.


It took me hours on end to make a box with a lid a week ago, I made this in about 30 minutes. Mounting the Pi on the side of the dresser next to the Printer.

It has been fun and interesting, I have over 80 hours worth of printing under my belt and finally starting to see how it really works. I still haven't gone through my first spool of PLA material yet (getting close though). I have already had prints fail and have had to start over, sucks.

Anyway, PMing you a link.

Edit: ****
Got it printed and installed

I should have used smaller screws or pre-drilled a hole in it, it cracked with the drywall screw I used - still suits the need.
Each time you share pic's and info with us I find myself watching and reading with my mouth wide open! All I can think to say is...
Hey Olde,
I am going to try my first Lithograph print tomorrow. I set up a lot of stuff tonight, finishing a current print and changing out the filament in the morning to the color white.

I even bought the software he is using to see if it works. I have a 2 weeks to return, just in case.

So far, it says it will be a 12+ hour print, so the live view should be on at some point, once it is started.


This is the image I am going to try and print. I hope it works, this will make some nice gifts for my family. If you end up on the link I sent you and you don't see a print happening, looks like I may have pulled the plug and stopped it for some unforeseen reason. Will try it again probably my next day off, which is xmas.
Well, I took a look at the link and there is a picture of your machine but no movement, I'm guessing it is not currently printing. Will check back periodically.
I went with a way smaller version to make sure it worked. Got busy doing other things, but it turned out great imo. Really hard to take a picture that will do it justice since you have to have light behind it to see it. The last pic is me holding it close to a light bulb.

Started printing up a xmas present for Mom (pic of her and late husband (step-dad)). Hopefully, it turns out good, only doing a 4 x 6 version.

This thing is solid too. I guess a comparison would be it is as stiff as the plastic on a tub of butter. You can bend it and break it, but still feels solid if you know what I mean.
Shy 'Tiz worthy of another ... WOW! Smile (I looked at the link...nothing for the camera to show.)

Did a re-test to see if the print would be the same and put a light behind it, looks the same, not sure why my other print isn't doing as well.

Time to research Smile
Your youtube gave me a better feel for how it looks when it is "printing", thanks for sharing. This deserves another big WOW! Big Grin
3d printed some mounting brackets to show video from top down on the Z axis instead of straight above. Much more satisfying than from the front. Smile
Will Post some vids, once I find one worthy of a different angle Smile
Friday evening and I thought I'd try and catch the camera feed...FEEDING! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Smile I wonder what you're creating...
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