Full Version: 3d Printing and Computer Build
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Just took this one with the snipping tool, thought you may like to view it.


Edit: So there was a plug in that was installed for my prints. I installed it several times, but seem to never work, it seems to be working now. The above graph is an example of how many times I have to start a print and cancel it after the first layer because of settings. This is one of the things that sucks about 3d printing. You absolutely have to watch the first layer being built (unless you have a high end machine). because that first layer will dictate how everything else gets printed - think of it as a foundation. Use a Brim, use a Skirt, use a raft -> all prints are different and you have to look at the specifics of each one. Just a note Smile.

End Edit:

Coolio - I was printing the letters 3 & 4 in Metro for the grill gas knobs. Looks good, glad to know that this is streaming, but somewhat weird-ed by it Smile if you know what I mean. What if I accidentally hit the camera and then it shows me in my apartment, just walking around and doing the stuff I do -- yep, however - not to worried - I check this to often to care Smile

Anyway, Finishing up a print: Camera PS3 holder to better suit my 3d printer and location.


I figured out CAD enough to 3d print a pivot point in the design, the downside is that it uses a lot of support material.

So making this one modular and learning how to print actual screws, nuts and spacers. Fun stuff for me. I will say, however, having to spend 2 hours on a design and then wait to see if it works (about 5 hours +) kind of sucks Smile But....
Also when using a raft or other pre-support - takes a long time.

Wow, you can make anything that you can design - that is the best part. I love it. Still a lot of learning to do and with practice and repeat - it just gets easier. Again, love it!

You are surely learning how to use it, rapidly on your way to becoming an expert! I just snipped this one:
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