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I'm well and hunkered down at home as most of the country is now, and trust all of you are too. Take care and be safe. Smile
Hey Olde, same here, out of work until May at least. Suxxors. Anyway, to help pass time, I ended up finding a good deal on a refurb'd Oculus Rift. It finally got here a few days ago and Man O Man. It is awesome. Anybody else doing that VR. It is my first experience and it is awesome.

Glad to hear from ya Olde, stay home, stay safe.
Hey guys , long time no chat . I am glad to hear you are both staying safe and sound. I work at walmart in Eugene , OR so I still have my job but I only work 3 days a week so it's not too bad. I've been keeping busy with a variety of hobbies I have mostly games that I play like chess and blackjack but I work on some tai chi a bit too and martial arts. GE you might want to check out Gurhm's Garage youtube channel . Gurhm was a great capper on tribes ascend but he plays a lot of different games now and does reviews on them. Just recently he started getting in VR and he did a bunch of vids on the VR game, Half-life Alyx. Also I found a youtube chan that the OldeWolfe might want to check out too ;> . It's a star wars fan who practices jedism and he plays swtor too. His channel is Jedi Living. Have a great day , MTFBWY <3
Good to hear from you Demontoe, trust you will continue to be healthy. Thanks for the Star Wars tip, I'll look into it. I continue to play the game and after a few years am only now beginning to be able to participate in some of the more complicated, difficult parts of it.
(04-24-2020 12:12 PM)demontoe Wrote: [ -> ]Gurhm's Garage
Will do, waiting for HL to come down a little bit in price. When I got the Rift, I bought a bunch of Games and tapped out on my budget, can't wait to try it. Right now, I am a slave to Beat Saber. It is harder than it looks, but just as fun. The other really good one I have is Robo Recall. I actually spend time playing Pokerstars late at night. I am just glad I live on the first floor in my apartment building, I know if I had downstairs people, they would hate me Smile
Great to hear from you guys. I might look into the swtor again if I get time to start an mmo again. If you haven't see the
SNL undercover boss skit with Kylo Ren on Starkiller base you should check it out pretty funny. I watched the old Richard Pryor one again too where he's a bartender in the SW cantina. CUL8R , peace
Just checking in again, all is well here but still pretty much remain hunkered down. I'll be glad when this thing has run it's course. I trust all you guys/gals are okay as well. Take care and be safe.Smile
Yea, it sucks going to and coming home from work on the bike and literally no one is in the parks I go through. I loved seeing people having picnics, playing volleyball and just enjoying the outdoors. Work is also super slow so not getting any hours - Health wise, all is good, most of everything else sucks. Bright side, doggo loves having me home most of the time Smile

Be safe out there, ttys.
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