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EDIT: As of this moment, 13 July 2013, 11:30 A.M., the Ts3 server IP has been changed to:
Team Speak Info
The IP for the Cygnus Teamspeak3 server is: VOICE-TX4.BRANZONE.COM:10016 no password.

Earlier versions of Teamspeak are not compatible with Ts3; you can download Ts3 here.

It is a better system than Ts2 but a bit more complex however, they have put together some very effective tutorials for installing and setting up Ts3 which you can access here. TeamSpeak also has informative forums where you can find assistance for various aspects/problems/etc.

Green Eagle discovered that a problem can arise with various settings for different sound cards. If you can hear others but cannot be heard try going to Settings > Options > Capture (in TeamSpeak3) and Press Begin Test. If you have 'Push-To-Talk' enabled be sure to have the proper key depressed when you speak during the test. If you cannot hear yourself speak during the test, try going to Settings > Options > Playback and modify the settings in the 'Playback Mode:' and/or 'Playback Device:' drop down boxes. With the proper volume control you should be able to find the correct settings to be heard for your sound card through "trial and error".

If the tutorials fail to help you please contact me or Green Eagle for additional assistance.
I noticed the Ts3 server went down this evening just as I was leaving the mixer. I have submitted a support ticket, and hopefully it will be up again shortly. Branzone replied:

This IP is experiencing a DDoS attack at this time, we'll update you once the attack has stopped.
Brandon M.

Btw, the Ts3 server was back in service in thirty-nine (39) minutes.
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