Full Version: Found Second Vid I did for T2
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Very low quality I know. I am just going through files getting ready for a re-format next month.

I watched them both, made me want to play T2. Thanks for sharing.
I have been playing around on T2 here and there. Picking up where i left off with the V3 mod. Playing around with shrikes right now. 3 different shrikes sounds fun. Smile
So McGee, no stuttering lag now with T2 V3?
Which server?
Nope, that key repeat setting fixed it good. Still need a new video card though. It can handle T2 but not T:A very well.

I dont have a server up, just doing testing on my machine. One of these days i will get me a headset and i can jump on TS3 with ya guys. Then we can try it out. Not looking for competition, just something to have fun.
Good to hear and yah...I need a new card too, but I truly need a new system as well.

The Cygnus server is running Classic right now but I have V2 on the server too, if you have the complete V3 mod we could install it on the server and play.
Sounds like a plan. I got a few other things im working on with the mod, then just do some code cleanup and i will have it ready for a good testing.
Sounds great, we might even tempt Tasadar1 to participate, I think he's an ol' V2 player.
In the meantime, be sure and join the Cygnus server so I can set you up for SA.
(01-12-2012 11:03 PM)OldeWolfe Wrote: [ -> ]if you have the complete V3 mod we could install it on the server and play.

There is a V3 of T2? Huh
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