Full Version: What other games hold your interest?
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Im curious what everyone has planned in the near future. By the way things are looking in the T:A forums there wont be much of a community in a few months once newer games are released. Im seeing posts about Planetside 2 drawing a bunch of interest. Anyone else interested in this? I dont think they have jetpacks though.

I guess my question is will everyone still play T:A when the player base starts dwindling? Should we look at another game that we might enjoy more?

Im open to what everyone else wants to do. I just dont want everyone to disappear again.

Your thoughts?
I don't want everyone to disappear again either, but don't know which game would hold my interest, if any. I'd be interested in what everyone thinks.
I just rec'd this note from Branzone about a new game coming out. Anyone know anything about the game?
Quote:We are pleased to announce that is now offering Game Servers for the highly anticipated FPS Counter-Strike Global Offensive through our website. The first 200 orders will receive a 50% recurring discount between now and August 21st.
I got the same email but im not a big counter strike fan unless thats something everyone else wants to play.
I plan on sticking with T:A for the foreseeable future. I played T1 for 6 years with a grand total of 15 people in the community, was enough for me Smile Hope to do the same here. FPS just isn't the same without jetpacks.
With my limited time to play, I just plan on sticking to TA and if we can keep a core group of ourselves, I think that is just fine and dandy - makes my day.
I agree with Green Eagle, even though TA is not what I ordered (lol), oher fps shooters don't hold my attention.
I play a lot of different games, but right now Ive mostly been playing Battlefield 3. Im really looking forward to Planetside 2 being released as well. Aside from BF3 and T:A, I also play LotRO, Skyrim, Call of Duty 4, and have (sorta-kinda) been playin Blacklight: Retribution. (blacklight is basically a futuristic Call of Duty with tons of weapon customization). I also plan on picking up either Black Ops 2 or Medal of Honor: Warfighter (or maybe both) this fall.
Picked up Guildwars 2, good fun Smile do you guys find time for all those a Triber from the beginning I must stay with T:A until/unless something similar and better comes along.
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