Full Version: Sins of a Solar Empire
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Anyone interested, or perhaps just curious, I wrote up a beginner's guide to Sins of a Solar Empire, a great Real-time Strategy Game. We play it from time to time and we'd love it if you guys wanted to come roll with us one of these days. Here's a link to the guide:

I have the game available for anyone who wants to try it, free of charge. Let me know. It know it's a bit of a wall of text, but I think it's an engaging read Smile And it's QUITE verbose. You'll have few questions afterward, lol.
I have played it before. It's alright, but it's not Homeworld. That game still holds the crown for space strategy games if you ask me.
I have never played Homeworld, but from what I've seen, it's impressive. Not quite the same kind of game, though. I remember seeing the original Homeworld when I was a subscriber to PCGamer magazine. My jaw hit the floor at pics of the interstellar crossfire Smile
Both strategy games, but both very different.

From what I observed from Sins it's more of an economy game with combat being an afterthought.

Where Homeworld is a straight up in your face RTS action game, not for the feint of heart. That game is not for the casual and suites my RTS needs very well even to this day. Along with Total Annihilation its one of my favorite RTS games.
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