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Midair Light Tribes PUG Gameplay
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RE: Midair Light Tribes PUG Gameplay
Hmmm...first time I have heard of this, thanks Gorthaur for posting the links. I watched the match (didn't recognize any of the player names; were you or anyone I may know a part of the match?), and went to the Midair link and read the page in its entirety.

Interesting...sounds a lot like Tribes re-made by tribers. I am seriously tempted to become a backer and the only holdup now is that it is offered through Steam. I have had some serious problems with Steam heretofore. Questions:

-Are you of the opinion that Midair will supplant Tribes:Ascend as the preferred game of tribers?
-Is there no other way to acquire the game than via Steam?
-If Steam is the only way, does the game require itself to be run through Steam?
-I have been a backer of a game before and been disappointed in the result, do you know any of the developers or members of Archetype Studios? I mean I know that life is full of risks, how confident are you of this actually happening?

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