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T:A Server Settings Discussions
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RE: T:A Server Settings Discussions
The CYGNUS server is set up with basic physics.
-no vehicles available
-friendly fire on
-Gen damage off
-base upgrades off
-only call in available is inventory station (2000 pts.)
-all classes available
-only rifle available for Sentinel is the phase rifle
-jackal banned for infiltrator

May be a little late to discuss this with the 5x5 starting tomorrow, but the game changes made via the latest patch makes them something we should consider.
Four things perhaps we should discuss for the 5x5 tourney:
1)Several of you have stated you have no problem with the newly nerfed fractals, however, my experience as HoF has been that a brute skiing over the flag stand and dropping two fractals still clears the flag of forcefields, mines and the HoF. Do we want to permit them in the 5x5?
2)Whiteouts have been nerfed so that they don't completely blind players in range; do we still want them banned?
3)Do want to permit the phase rifle for the sentinels? If not, there is no reason not to ban the sentinel class entirely.
4)Do we want friendly fire on ... since we have had no practice for timing between cappers and those clearing the flag?

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