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Mixer Q&A
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Mixer Q&A
So you want to play in the Cygnus/OSL mixer? Awesome, the goal of this post is to make that as quick and easy of a transition as possible.

So what is this mixer?
- The mixer is a way to meet new people while playing an organized game of Tribes:Ascend. Teams are picked that night from available players “mixing up” the friends and new players on the teams, hence the name “mixer”.

What do I need to have to play in the mixer?
- Tribes:Ascend installed along with a good understanding of how the game works and all the gear to play your position. Also, you need Teamspeak3 (the server info can be obtained in this thread) and a microphone. If you don't have Teamspeak3 installed, you can download it here.

So what rule set do you use?
- We use a custom rule set which can be found here.

Why not use NATL rules?
- Because of goal of the mixer isn't the same as the goal of the NATL. NATL does what they do well. We're more focused on fun rather than the highly competitive aspects of tribes.

Can my friend come play in the mixer?
- People are added to the mixers every week but it is still invitation only. That being said if you've played with us before chances are all you need to do is ask the leaders if it's cool for your friend to join and you'll likely get the okay.

So what time does the mixer start?
- The mixer starts at 8pm EST (or EDT when that applies). Usually as soon as we have enough people after that point and an admin present we start picking teams. Many of the players who participate in the mixer will be online well before 8 PM EST, in some cases as early as 7 PM EST so feel free to join early.

What if I can’t be there at 8?
- Not a problem, if you show up late you will still get to play. However, you just might need to wait for the next map to start. If you can't be there for the beginning you MIGHT get to play right away but don't show up expecting to play right away. Late players are only added to an on-going game at the discretion of the current captains/admins; as a rule of thumb if you show up late expect to wait until the current match is over to play.

What's the server password?
- The server password changes on an as-needed basis (usually weekly) join the teamspeak server to find out what it is.

How many people can play?
- As many as we have. Once teams get to the point they're over 10v10 mixer admins might decide to split the game into two servers.

Anything else?
- If it's your first time playing with us it's a good idea to include a note in your teamspeak name letting us know what positions you play.

So how does this work?
- First, captains are picked. Generally captains are volunteers who have been here awhile.
- Second, captains pick their teams. Players picked will be moved by an admin into the teamspeak channel of their new team. So if you get moved don't worry, that just means you've been picked. If you're still in the main teamspeak channel that just means you haven't been picked YET.
- Once everyone has been picked captains will join their team in teamspeak and let them know what map/side and to discuss strategy/assign positions.
- Once the map is over teams will either move onto another map or teams will be re-picked. This means your teamspeak channel will be changed again; admins will take care of it just don't be surprised when you hear lots of people being moved.

Anything I should know about while in-game?
- As a general rule keep chatter to a minimal. While this isn't a hyper-competitive game it is still a competitive game. Keep messages to your team short so everyone can hear the capper calling times and incoming capper notifications.
- Keep negativity to a minimum. No one here is a member of the happy police but if you're spewing negativity constantly you might be asked to leave (or forcibly removed if necessary).

That game was awesome! Can't we play with the same teams again?
- If there aren't too many additions/subtractions from teams and the game was close we'll just re-use teams from the last map. The goal is to have fun and even games while including as many people as we can.

So the map ended and we were all moved back into the lobby channel now what?
- New team captains will volunteer/be picked and teams will be picked again.
- While these are mixers and we want people talking, try to keep chatter to a minimum while we're getting new captains. Talking a whole lot while we're getting new captains just slows down the games for everyone.
- If you need to take a break, no problem. You have a few minutes between maps to use the restroom/ get a snack/ etc. Just add a note to your name in teamspeak and set yourself as AFK so we know you're not there but you'll be right back. If it's going to take longer then that just sit the next map out and join back in after that map.

***This document is intended to give players an idea of how the OSL/CYGNUS Mixers run and will be updated as it is deemed necessary***
This Q&A is the result of the hard work and effort of JaggedMarble.

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